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Beyond Academics


Many children these days believe food comes from the grocery store.  Though that is true to a certain extent, we want to educate Axiom students about the true roots of food.  We plan to start and cultivate a garden on campus.  We will plant seeds and watch those seeds become vegetables that nourish our bodies.  The students will be able to get their hands dirty by feeling the earth.  They will learn how much time and care it takes to nurture a garden to its full potential.  They will experience the joy of seeing the end product, knowing they had a hand in it.  Learning the importance of raw organic goods will also be a part of the process.


We live in a world of technology and innovation, where creative thinkers are in demand.  So each quarter Axiom students will come up with their own innovation.  We want the students to think “outside of the box” and develop from the ground up a unique project that would function in today’s world.  The idea is to get the students to create, discover and think.  It’s not the product they create that’s important but how the students can demonstrate their process.  We want them to learn how to do things differently, how to quickly size up problems and develop creative solutions.

Guest Speakers:

We will have a member of the community come to the school and speak to the students about their current jobs and how that job affects the neighborhood, community and world as a whole.  We want the children to hear how the actions and decisions of one person can make a difference.  The speaker will share with the children how he or she made this career choice, why they chose it and how they feel it plays a role in everyday life.  This will allow Axiom students to focus on the future and get ideas about who they want to become.  We also hope it will help them choose a positive path and one that will lead them to great success individually and to their community as a whole.

Field Studies (Coming Soon):

Once a quarter we will take Axiom students outside the classroom walls for hands on learning with field studies.  It’s been proven children and adults learn and attain more information if they can see it and feel it.  We at Axiom believe some of the most valuable lessons do not come from a text book.  We will take the students to various learning locations.  For example, the Science Center has an interactive area where children learn about gravity by pushing and pulling.  They learn about the human body by walking through the walls of the intestine.  We plan to take them to a rehabilitation center for animals to see how the love of human hands can save a life.  The options for hands on education are endless and we plan to allow the children to explore.

Service Learning (Coming Soon):

The students at Axiom will learn about global topics and how they can play a role in creating better situations.  They will learn what it means to be environmentally conscience and the long term effects.  The children will first research a topic in the classroom and then incorporate outside service.  For example, if the topic is poverty, after the classroom research the service may include collecting food for the hungry.  After the food is collected the service learning continues as the students deliver the goods to a pantry and help stock the shelves.  A part of the project may include actually getting to see the people who need these goods and meeting them.  Axiom students will see first hand how they can make a difference in the world by helping those in need.