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We Focus on Eight Mental Forces to Light the Right Path for You



Design runs deep. Beyond visual arts, designers are responsible for all interaction between people from store fronts to sales floors to cafes to classrooms. We're constantly moving in designed patterns that you can understand and make work for you. Understand the fabric of our society to understand our society!



Statistically, Americans have a 1 in 6000 chance at becoming a professional athlete. This scares many young athletes and parents into thinking this is an impossible endeavor - it's not. There are two constants that all professional athletes embody: passion and perseverance. We'll help you develop the unwavering resolve you need!



What moves you? Whether you are interested in becoming a musician or a physician, understanding this facet of the brain can provide incredible insight into your psychology. For those willing to take it a step further, we offer advanced performing arts mentoring, allowing you to fully explore your passion!



In life, you will need to communicate - a lot! But not all of us communicate best the same way. Here, you will discover your communication strengths and double down on them. Develop the ultimate skillset that will propel you beyond the classroom and let your ideas be heard!



Perhaps the most important mental facet is your ability to self-evaluate. Are your making decisions that are in line with your values and aspirations? Many of these insights come from those closest to us. Having an objective mentor is an invaluable asset in determining if we're being honest with ourselves!



Physical or digital, the way we interact with our friends and family enriches our lives. Sometimes we forget that best way to strengthen our work lives is to interweave it with our social lives. We'll work with you to understand the extent to which you are motivated by your social life and how you can use that to maximize your happiness!



Science and technology have completely changed the way people operate in the world - forever. Students that pursue STEM more vigorously will find a rewarding world of opportunity for growth. However, logic is about more than careers, it's understanding the process by which we all make sense of the world!



We all pursue a higher calling, whether we call it religion or legacy. The spiritual is about making sense of the intangible motivators in your life. For many students, this is a desire to give back in their life. Others will pursue lives in search of the answers to the big questions. It's all about finding meaning and purpose!

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