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Love Who You Teach more than What You Teach

Axiom Prep started in the spring of 2018, but the purpose behind our services was cultivated for years before that. Founder, CEO, and Exceptional Education Architect, Dominic Savana, had a long history of working for tutoring companies across the United States. Something was missing, though. He saw that many of these companies were founded by businesspeople and entrepreneurs looking to make a profit. The curricula wasn't being written by teachers; instead, the teachers and tutors were relying on bad curriculum and their own abilities to help students.

That's simply not the best model. We needed better. 

The Axiom Prep team is made up entirely of men and women in the education profession. The curricula that our mentors (tutors) and architects (teachers) use are best practices in the United States and abroad, researched, peer reviewed, and capable of providing the best results for students across the nation. On top of our award winning standards for curriculum, we live by a very specific philosophy: love who you teach more than what you teach. Through this philosophy, we can guarantee that you will always have the best learning experience with us. We care about you, and we're here to understand what is driving you internally, not externally. Each and every professional at Axiom Prep wants to see you grow, and even better, once we find out what drives you, we'll figure out the external stuff, too! Welcome to the Axiom Prep family.


CEO/Lead Architect

Dominic Savana has worked in the education industry for the past 5 years and has studied special education at the University of Arizona and political science at New York University. Dominic believes that the education system is failing our students by not providing them with the tools to succeed in life while following their vision for themselves. Today, people are embarrassed to talk about their passions if they're unconventional, but they could be capitalizing in a space all their own if they have the passion to work at it!

Dominic, in his own experience, left a career in politics and journalism behind to pursue teaching simply because it's all he could imagine himself doing for the rest of his life. He is inspired by the children and young-adults he works with every day and has built the Metamorphosis Programs around the desires of students. Many students will take the conventional route, and that's great! For every student, Dominic's thesis on education is that it should be modified to teach all students how to succeed in life, from conventional to rare pursuits!