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Embrace You

Today's academic programs are forcing students into programs that do not inspire them. We can do better.


 Take Control of Your Future

Step 1:
Meet with an Architect

Sabine architects work directly with you to draft a blueprint for executing your vision, whether it is academic, entrepreneurial, athletic, or artistic. Best of all, you'll meet with with your architect face-to-face because it's not possible to truly get to know who you are through impersonal phone calls and automated emails.


Step 2:
Pick the Perfect Mentor

Sabine mentors work together and with you to create the perfect experience for you. You have a main mentor that you choose to best fit your strengths, and other mentors will be a part of your team to help when you are working on something in another  mentor's expertise. Enter a new era of learning.


Step 3:
Create a Blueprint

With your team selected, they will coordinate with you to create a blueprint for your future. You may not know everything that you want to pursue. That's okay; we'll update the blueprint as your vision matures. The blueprint will allow you to inform your decisions around your vision. The #1 key to success in life!


Step 4:
Execute and Adapt

Executing your vision is always easier said than done, but you have a team of highly qualified, brilliant mentors to help you succeed. You'll meet with team members 2-3 times per week to focus on academics, projects around your vision, self-reliance, and internet use that will allow you to follow your path.


It Takes a Village of Mentors

Most education programs provide a student with one tutor to help them on their path. At Sabine, we surround you with the world's best mentors, working together to provide an exceptional experience for you. 



The Sabine Integrated Prep team is comprised of architects and mentors: 

Architects are experienced education professionals from diverse backgrounds varying from medicine to military. Architects lead and teach Sabine mentors, drawing from the immense experience they have gained in the field of education. Architects are also the hub that connects our students to each other. We understand that the greatest problems in the world are solved with teams and are committed to helping you connect with other like-minded students around the world.

Mentors are experienced college students and graduates who have walked the paths you are about to consider. Mentors are invaluable assets to have in life, and it has been proven that having a mentor in middle or high school puts you ahead of the crowd. All students are looking for a way to distinguish themselves when it comes to applying for college or starting a small business out of high school. Learn what you can from the people that have been there.



Aspirations and Results Integrated


We focus on the traditional aspects (SAT, ACT, and Core Classes) in addition to contemporary aspects (Aptitude, Internet Integration, and Self-Reliance) of education to help you find your identity and set your goals in a system that promotes everyone to take the same path.



Core Classes

We're focused on your individual path, but a big part of your success is keeping up on your grades. Our mentors are committed to helping you in math, science, language arts, and history. Of course, many of our mentors are also fluent in another language and can help you succeed in Spanish, Italian, French, or Latin, as well. 


Naturally, a big part of our integrated program is helping students enter colleges and universities around the world. Our students average a score increase of 200 points and enter many of the top schools in the United States. Most importantly, our mentors will guide you towards a focus that you will love to study at the next level.

Aptitude and Self-Reliance

Not everyone is meant to be a doctor or an engineer. In fact, most successful people can point to early points in their life when they could see what they were most inclined to do. Embrace who you are with our aptitude test. We will teach you to follow your dreams with confidence. Sabine mentors will help you create real income around your potential.

Internet Integration

The internet has changed education forever, and we embrace that change at Sabine. You're a member of the age of information, and through integrated education, you'll master that information that's at the tips of your fingers, creating unimaginable progress. No matter your path, you will be able to use the internet to propel your future.

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12 hrs

$900 or $300/mo*

Team Captain

36 hrs

$2,430 or $810/mo*


72 hrs

$4,320 or $1,440/mo*

The Visionary

144 hrs

$7,560 or 1,260/mo**

All packages are available in a 3 month payment plan option at no extra cost to you*
The Visionary package is available in a 6 month payment plan option at no extra cost to you**