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Areas of Focus


Mental Strength

We start your journey with an evaluation of mental strength. This is different than general intelligence. It's about endurance of the mind. Every Sabine Prodigy improves their mental strength through research-based methods while working with a one of our award winning Sabine Mentors.



No quality takes your education to the next level as much as creativity. We're not simply talking about artistic ability; creativity is all about being inspired by problems that you want to solve. We push you to your inspiration threshold and give you the tools to solve the greatest problems of tomorrow.



Being given the tools to succeed is nice, but what would you do without any of the tools? You'll work with our Sabine Mentors to develop resourcefulness under some of the most strenuous circumstances. Within a matter of months, you will feel like you're ready to take on any challenge.


Technological Advancement

Learning has to evolve with the world we live in. It's imperative that your technological skills develop alongside your passion so that you are able to pursue your career and lifestyle dreams no matter what advancements may be on the horizon.


Become a Prodigy Today

Become something more than you ever thought possible


Only Research-Based Practices. Period.

All of our strategies are based on best practices, created by educational psychologists from around the world. At Sabine, we do not believe in gimmicks, fads, or shortcuts. We do believe in results, and we are committed to honesty.