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The Passport to Your Dream School


The Perfect Blueprint in Four Simple Steps

Step One

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Meet with an Architect

Axiom architects work directly with you to draft a blueprint for maximizing your score. Best of all, you'll meet with with your architect face-to-face, zero impersonal phone calls or automated emails!

Step Two

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Pick the Perfect Mentor

SAT+ACT mentors work together and with you to create the perfect experience. Choose a mentor that best fits your strengths, and other expert mentors will help craft lessons to fit you. Enter a new era of learning!

Step Three


Create a Blueprint

With your team selected, they will coordinate with you to create a blueprint for your success. You may not know everything that you want to pursue. The blueprint will allow you to inform your decisions around your vision!

Step Four

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Open the Doors

We will work with you to find your path to your dream schools, highlighting what makes you unique and showcasing that not just with your test scores, but all facets of your college application!


Will You Open the Doors?

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The Axiom Prep team is comprised of Architects and Mentors: 

Architects are experienced education professionals from diverse backgrounds varying from medicine to military. Architects lead and teach Axiom Mentors, drawing from the immense experience they have gained in the field of education. Architects are also the hub that connects our students to each other. We understand that the greatest problems in the world are solved with teams and are committed to helping you connect with other like-minded students around the world.

Mentors are experienced college students and graduates who have walked the paths you are about to consider. Mentors are invaluable assets to have in life, and it has been proven that having a mentor in middle or high school puts you ahead of the crowd. All students are looking for a way to distinguish themselves when it comes to applying for college or starting a small business out of high school. Learn what you can from the people that have been there.



Invest in Tomorrow, Invest in Yourself

We'll be with you every step of the way.